• 1. To prepare students for careers in the industry and pursue research in all the branches of computing field through effective teaching learning process.

  • 2. To strengthen the industry institute by providing up-to-date programs.

  • 3. To imbibe amongst the students ethical usage of technical knowledge beneficial to the society.

  • 4. Well designed mechanism for supervision, control and monitoring.

  • 5. Active involvement of students in quality assurance mechanism.

  • 6. Positive response to the students feedback on curriculum, teaching, infrastructure and support services.


No Name Post
1 Dr. Suhasini Vijaykumar Chairperson
2 Ms. Uttara Athawale Member - Coordinator
3 Ms. Prathibha Deshmukh Member
4 Mr. Manish Dubey Member
5 Dr. Kirti Muley Member
6 Ms.Sudeshna Roy Member
8 Mr. Amol Ghatage Senior administrative officer
9 Mr. Devdas Ghadage Senior administrative officer
10 Mr. Raj Varhsney Employeers -e2Seve
11 Mr. Deepak Prakash Alumini

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